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FD Long Beach 2014

Diane Firmalino

I just wanted to start off by saying sorry to everyone about our performance this weekend. We all worked extremely hard to get the problem kicked and we just couldn't do it. We had all the right parts, talked to all the right people, and actually got help from all the right people.

No, it wasn't an Infinity problem, because we tried other brands of ECUs as well and had the same problem... It was a crank trigger problem, and for those who know anything about LS motors, know that the crank trigger picks up signal from the reluctor wheel which is mounted to the back of the crankshaft. I hear of these things spinning and deflecting if you don't weld them on. Well I guess we are going to weld ours on. We just couldn't figure out why it kept dropping crank sync as well as spiking and sending a signal out that none of us has ever seen before.

Looks like we will have to pull the motor, realign the reluctor wheel and weld it on. Then we should be back in action. I can't say thank you enough to the crew. We stayed up for 5 days straight trying to fix this issue. Literally a few hours of sleep here or there throughout the process. What an absolute nightmare. I feel like I let so many people down. I guess this means war.

Photo  credit:  Carbon Studios

Photo  credit: Carbon Studios