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Drift Cave is Northern Cali’s premier drift and racecar shop armed with a team of award-winning technicians, fabricators, engine builders, and drivers.




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Interview with Matt Field - The Newest FD Driver for Nitto

Diane Firmalino

Thanks for all of your guys' support and kind words after joining the awesome Nitto Racing family. This year is going to be great with a solid tire company like Nitto to back us up. Check out this interview from DrivingLine where Modena asks me what a normal day looks like for me days before the first event of the FD season; going to college, running a shop, race team and all-around crazy ass life. 

When We Opened Up Shop in 2012

Diane Firmalino

Ryan Bell, Jeff Wolfson and I were the first three to open up the garage doors at Drift Cave in 2012. We were all around 22, young, excited, and just wanted a place to kick it, party, and work on our cars for the up and coming milestones in our FD careers.

We found this shop in Downtown San Jose. Location was great and it was was the perfect size to house 3 racecars, clients' cars, tools, tires, etc. Pretty much, we found the place to help us all kick off a great year and upcoming achievements in our FD careers.

Ryan was set on kicking ass his first year at Formula Drift in 2012 and having a place to give his LS1 powered s13 a good home during the off season. To fund his season, Drift Cave was the place to give his customers quality fabrication services.

Jeff's goals were to get his Formula D license through Pro-Am grassroots event Golden Gate Drift. He was aiming by 2013 to get his car prepped and ready to compete in 2014. Look out for Jeff "Wild Man" Wolfson because he's going to be turning heads in his rookie FD season this year.

Our shop has evolved so much since 2012. It's only been two years, but there have been improvements in all aspects; the team, office, management, and business goals.