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Drift Cave is Northern Cali’s premier drift and racecar shop armed with a team of award-winning technicians, fabricators, engine builders, and drivers.



How to Drift Like a Pro

We'll help and coach you on how to drift based on the judging criteria of the pro drift circuit Formula Drift; speed, angle, line, and style/impact.


We'll teach you how to drift and give you live track side support based on competitive professional and amateur drifting criteria.


Speed is a judging factor which is not subjective, meaning that it's tracked by speed traps throughout a course. Each course may have several speed tracks and locations. The professional drift series will choose one area to determine your score. 


The judges define a good line by the course's inner and outer clipping points. Coaching on how to control speed and angle to successfully produce the ideal line of each on course.



Coaching on how to maintain and control the maximum drift angle around a track's certain clipping points. 


This judging factor falls under the subjective category. This means that we can't teach you this. You have to create your own drifting style which stands out to the judges. It can be based on aggressiveness, proximity to the wall and lead vehicle.